Santiago Island

The island of Santiago, considered the most African of all, offers a multitude of mountains and valleys, routes and rails, and it receives half the population of the country.

Cradle of cape-verdianity, the island offers a unique cultural, gastronomic and scenic wealth, in addition to beautiful beaches.

Cachupa, a traditional dish of Cape Verde
Cachupa, Traditional Dish© Photo by Rui Valdiviesso
Tarrafal Beach, the largest beach on the island of Santiago.
Tarrafal Beach© Photo by Caroline Granycome / CC BY-SA 2.0

Craftwork is a reflection of African, European and American influences, and it’s most expressive forms are "batuk", weaving, tapestry, and various works made from clay.

Craftwork from the religious community Rabelados in the interior of the island of Santiago of Cape Verde.
Crafts from the community of Rabelados in Espinho Branco

The Morna, Coladeira, Funaná, Mazurca and Batuque are part of the traditional music of Cape Verde.

Batuque is a music and dance genre from Cape Verde.
Batuque a traditional music and dance genre© Photo by Carlos Alberto Jr.

It is also here that you can find the memories of other times, in the silence and in the ruins of Cidade Velha or Ribeira Grande de Santiago, the first Portuguese city. It also has beautiful bays. The city was born and developed because of the traffic of blacks, from Africa to American continent.

Forte Real de São Filipe a 16th century fortress in the city of Cidade Velha in the south of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde.
Forte Real de São Filipe© Photo by David Stanley / CC BY-SA 2.0

Praia Baixo and São Francisco, as well as Tarrafal and Ribeira de Prata, are worth a visit and a compulsory dive.

Praia Baixo Beach
Praia Baixo© Photo by Rexfarucao
Sao Francisco Beach
São Francisco© Photo by Jorge Miguel
Tarrafal Beach
Tarrafal© Photo by Etienne de Jager
Ribeira das Pratas seafront
Ribeira das Pratas© Photo by Palomarfil

The sucupira market (popular market) is compulsory. The praia city is a conference center and regional and international events.

Sucupira market in the city of Praia with typical Cape Verdean produce.
Sucupira Market (Praia)© Photo by Travel Aficionado

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know São Domingos valley, Peña d'Antónia (the highest point of the island), and do not miss visiting the Botanical Garden of São Jorge, Rui Vaz, the natural park of serra malagueta, etc.

Sao Domingos Valley
São Domingos Valley© Photo by Marc Garnier
Pico de antonia montain is the highest point of the island of Santigo.
Pico de Antônia© Photo by Alpamaya
Sao Jorge dos Orgaos, botanical garden
São Jorge dos Orgãos (Botanical Garden)© Photo by David Stanley
Serra Malagueta a mountain range located in the northern part of the island of Santiago.
Serra Malagueta© Photo by Virginia Humanities

The island has an international airport with connections to the main emitting markets.

Nelson Mandela International Airport
Nelson Mandela International Airport© Photo by Kiso Oliveira

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