Tour Natural Park - Gongon

It is one of the most attractive and visited circuits on the Island. With about 14 km covered in 4:00 hours from Natural Park to Gongon.


5 Hours

What’s included

  • Guide
  • Launch
  • Transport


Adults 85€
Children under 12 70€
If there are 4 or more people on the tour,
there is a discount of 15%.

The hike starts at an altitude of 800 meters, rising slightly with a magnificent view and landscape, with the possibility of seeing one of the only active volcanoes in the world Fogo volcano

After 1 hour walking, now it's time to enjoy another view of the sea. From there, the reality is different, since we are going to see closely the local experience of some families and the day-to-day difficulties of living in rural areas with difficult access, especially in the case of emergencies and interestingly it has everything to do with the history of slavery.

We will be able to rest in some of the local houses and have ym cafe de terra or papaya offered by hospitable local residents. Here we will discover advantages and disadvantages of these people live in that location.

At the end of the tour before lunch, we go to 《Fornadja, Trapichi》 Grogue's production site.

Local lunch.

Return to the hotel.

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