Seafront in the village of Ribeira da Barca in the municipality of Santa Catarina, island of Santiago, Cape Verde.
© Photo by Olivier Flambeau

Ribeira da Barca

The village of Ribeira da Barca is a fishing port (now) that was once an important port of supply for the municipality of Santa Catarina de Santiago, with good gastronomy. From there, one can access by boat to the grotto of Aguas Belas or to the formation of Achada Leite. The view is breathtaking. From some points if the weather is in good visibility you can see the volcano of the Fogo Island.

The population lives on sand to sustain their families, even though it is harmful to nature, fishing is no longer a reliable means of sustainability, they say there is no other way to avoid sand picking. Historical place where in the time of the hunger of 1947 many went to Ribeira da Barca in order to be able to go from there to other points of Africa like Sao Tome Principe, Dakar among others.

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