Island Tour

A three-day tour of the most African island Cape Verde is sufficient to acquire a good appreciation for cities and visiting all major tourist places.


3 Days

What’s included

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Transport


Adults 105€
Children under 12 70€
If there are 4 or more people on the tour,
there is a discount of 15%.

A brief perspective of a three-day itinerary.

Our tour starts at Alexandre Albuquerque square.

We will have the opportunity to visit the places of interest in the center of the capital, Plateau, the sucupira market, the place where you can find everything.

All of these visits can be easily accessed on foot.

Visit to Museum, Church, Historical Monuments, Presidential Residence, Sucupira Market; then visit the Old Town where it all started.

Visit to Fortaleza Real (building built to protect the city against attacks by privateers), Sê Catedral and Pilourinho.

Lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Return to the hotel.

Departure to the interior of the island to discover the valleys, isolated houses in the mountains, streams and peaks that is the island's brand identity.

Passing through Vila de São Domingos and City of Assomada where we will make a brief visit.

Continuation to visit the Serra Malagueta, with its panoramic views including views of the volcano of fire.

Arrival at Tarrafal and visit to the historic prison colonial period built by Dictator Salzar to punish politicians against their regime (prepare emotionally).

Possibility to take a bath in the most beautiful bay on the island of Santiago, with white sand and transparent water (Optional).

Lunch at a local restaurant. After the meal, return to Praia by the North Coast of the island.

Visit the community of Rabelados (a people considered rebellious and who lived isolated from the world to preserve your identity) and finally passing through the banana and coconut plantations.

Return to the hotel.

Serra Malagueta is one of the most attractive landscapes tourist destinations in the interior of Santiago Island. Offers an environment conducive to the practice of tourism rural and adventure nature.

Departure from Tarrafal to Serra Malagueta one of highest points of the island of Santiago (1064 m) rich in endemic species.

Guided tour of the park, with a privileged view of the Ribeira de Principal, Fogo island volcano, city of Room, beautiful views over the slopes and valleys.

Piqui nique at the campsite.

Return to the hotel.

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