Island Tour

A tour of the most African island of Cape Verde is enough to acquire a good appreciation of the cities and visit all the main tourist sites.


8 hours

What’s included

  • Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Entrances Tickets


1 Pax 110€
2 Pax 80€
3 Pax 60€
4 Pax 55€
5 Pax 50€
6 Pax 45€
7 Pax 35€
8 Pax 30€
9 Pax 25€
10 - 12 Pax 20€

The first stop is the São Domingos Eco-center.

Afterwards, we continue towards Picos (a small town with lots of mango trees) and Assomada (a business town).

There you will visit the city center and the famous market which is the largest and most popular market in Santiago and all of Cape Verde.

Visit to Museum, Church, Historical Monuments, Presidential Residence, Sucupira Market; then visit the Old Town where it all started.

We continue our trip to Serra Malagueta and Tarrafal, with a brief stop at the Serra Malagueta Natural Park to enjoy landscapes thanks to the eruption a long time ago (4 or 5 million years ago). You will visit the Tarrafal concentration camp, current Resistance Museum, an unmissable landmark of the islands.

After or before lunch, you will have free time to bathe in the most beautiful beach on the island of Santiago.

Lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Finally, we return to the city of Praia along the coast with main stops in the community of Rabelados, Calheta de São Miguel and Pedra Badejo. You will have the opportunity to take photos in the Valley of the Thousand Palms Santa Cruz the last stop.

Return to the hotel.

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